Our deliciously creamy porridge will put a smile on your face, and add colour to even the greyest of mornings.

Special K Multi-Grain Porridge

Sometimes, nothing is quite as satisfying as a full, steaming bowl of hot porridge. Especially on a crisp, cold day. From scrumptious red berries to sweet and nutty almonds, we've added some tempting extras to complement our porridge's perfect texture. Whichever of our porridges you pick, every luxurious mouthful contains a mix three whole grains, seven vitamins, and iron. 

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A bright start to your day

  • High in fibre
  • With 7 vitamins and iron
  • Quick and easy to make in just 2 ½ minutes
  • A delicious blend of three grains: oats, barley and rye

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